Greece’s growth strategy: presented to the Eurogroup but covered in secrecy

At the Eurogroup meeting of April 27, Greece presented its “comprehensive growth strategy, outlining goals and priorities for the coming years”. No draft of the national growth strategy, which aims to “to boost Greece's long-term growth potential and enhance the investment climate” after the end of financial assistance programmes, was ever made officially available to the public for comments and consultation.

WWF firmly believes that democratic, transparent and accountable governance systems and practices are essential for achieving sustainable development.

Although alleged versions have been published in the media, adding to speculation and confusion, it is with great disappointment that Greece’s development plan for the years to come is being decided without any transparency or public consultation over a comprehensive pre-final draft version.

Statement by Demetres Karavellas, Director of WWF Greece: “The government presented a growth strategy behind closed doors, without any consultation. How can we ever expect to achieve sustainable development without transparent and accountable governance systems? We fail to understand how social partners will be asked to implement a strategy which will be presented to them as a fait accompli. All the more so as the July 2017 MoU between the European Commission and the Hellenic Republic stresses “the need to pursue sustainable and inclusive growth and social justice.”

After eight years of surveillance under three economic adjustment programmes, whose overall impact on environmental laws and policies has undoubtedly been detrimental, WWF Greece strongly believes that the lack of transparency covering the negotiations and the content of the priorities for development erodes their acceptance, efficacy and legitimacy. Considering that the European Commission, both as leading member of the institutions supervising Greece’s economic adjustment and as guardian of the Treaties*, shares responsibility with the Greek Government for this situation, WWF Greece asks both signatories of the economic adjustment programmes to make publicly available the comprehensive growth strategy as soon as possible.


* "Every citizen shall have the right to participate in the democratic life of the Union. Decisions shall be taken as openly and as closely as possible to the citizen.” (Art. 10 TEU)



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