Greece is the Mediterranean’s most diverse and bountiful environmental hub. Our small country located at Europe’s eastern border has been the meeting point of civilizations and wildlife for millennia. Huge mountainous masses, welcoming sea, lakes, rivers, coastal and inland wetlands are the home of unique flora and fauna. But this remarkable and fragile ecosystem hangs in the balance. Facing the greatest environmental challenges of our time, WWF Greece has been working tirelessly on creating and securing policy measures that safeguard and prevent further loss of biodiversity, preservation of our natural heritage and fighting climate change. The last 30 years, stand as a reminder of our collective fight for nature and our promise to keep aiming to achieve a better balance between humans and nature. 

Join us and support our work to keep our planet alive! Together we can do it!
© Αποστόλης Ζαμπλάκος / WWF Ελλάς


A small but very important strip of coastline that highlights the importance of protected areas and sustainable management on a national and international level.


Lush Posidonia meadows under the surface of the sea, where the sunlight is lost in the endless blue, and even deeper coral formations, shape underwater seascapes of unique environmental value and unparalleled beauty. This is Gyaros.

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