© WWF Ελλάς

Our policy for absolute financial transparency and accountability is not a necessity; it is a choice. For more than three decades, we have managed funds we received from each and everyone of you, thanks to the trust you have shown us, with one and sole goal: to effectively  conserve Greece's valuable natural heritage, as an integral part of the Mediterranean. It is of utmost importance to us that our supporters feel safe regarding how their money is spent, and for society as a whole, to have access to this information. That is why we follow the most stringent national and international accounting standards and are audited on an annual basis by independent auditors (chartered accountants), as well as through regular internal audit procedures.

© WWF Ελλάς

We believe that the most important ingredient in our relationship with our supporters and donors is transparency. In that framework, we publish all the available information regarding our revenue and funding sources. In the 2019-2020 financial year, donors that supported us financially with more than 1% of our annual revenue are the following:

MAVA Foundation

European Commission 386.717
WWF Network 334.235
A.G. Leventis Foundation 200.000
Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation 108.129
Segre Foundation 103.257
Green Fund 80.157
European Climate Foundation 72.375
EFG Cards Eurobank 50.000
Total 2.571.950 €