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For more than three decades, we have been active in Greece and we have established ourselves not only as one of the most transparent and accountable foundations as an NGO, but as an organization as well. This achievement is not only due to our extensive work for the protection of nature alone; it is also due to another two very important factors:

  • The unbiased transparency with which we manage our resources.
  • The persistent accountability, which is proved by the regular monitoring of the implementation of the organization's projects, the constant updates towards our donors and partners, the acceptance of international financial reporting standards and, as a result, full compliance with national law.

For us, transparency is conditional to our existence and it is at the core of our action and our daily reality. Thanks to the fact that throughout these years we have remained faithful to our principles and values, we have gained people’s trust; however, we will not rest and we will not become complacent. We continuously aim at further improving ourselves, following a specific strategy: we are constantly enhancing how we monitor our projects’ progress, we thoroughly measure and assess the results of our work, and we disseminate the relevant information to all interested parties.

At the same time, in addition to presenting our programme and our actions on our website, we are planning periodical “open sessions” in the immediate future, at which any interested party may discuss with us the content and results of our work. Lastly, further improving our procedures with regard to access to information, we will move to the drafting of an annual ‘transparency report’, which will highlight our sound practices and include all available sources of information.

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What does transparency mean?

Transparency is more than just providing information. It is the real facilitation of access to important information.
The information being provided should be:

  • Easily accessible and relevant to the question. Furthermore, it should be presented in simple, understandable, and easily comprehensible language, and in a format that is suitable for a variety of audiences.
  • It should be detailed enough to allow for analysis, participation, and assessment by the public.
  • It should be up to date and accurate.
  • It should provide all interested parties with enough time for analysis, assessment, and involvement.



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