© Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Knowledge is power. In a fast changing world we need this power so that we can:

  • be able to identify new threats to people & the environment in time,
  • intervene so that we can stop these threats,
  • propose scientifically documented solutions, forming, step-by-step, the future that we deserve,
  • plan conservation programmes adapted to the real needs of Greek nature and society. 

In this effort, we are empowered by the thousands of people that are on our side, inspired by WWF Greece's vision and supporting our work. People who join their power to ours. 

This is why we are sharing the knowledge with you! Our legislation analyses, policy interventions, scientific studies on conservation and biodiversity issues, our financial and technical reports as well as our educational material, that was designed carefully so that children are responsively informed and educated on environmental matters, are all at your disposal.