© Andrea Bonetti / WWF Ελλάς
The people of WWF Greece are committed to protecting nature

As we often say, “nature is our home.” The truth is, nature – in addition to being magnificent – is so much more! The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat – all the things we need to survive – come from nature.

Nature also gives us the raw materials we need to make our daily lives easier: from the clothes we wear and the medicines we need to the electronic devices we use.

We take everything we need from nature, and it is the foundation of our culture and prosperity. But are we doing everything we can to protect it? It is clear that we have not developed a balanced relationship with nature. Human activity is leaving deeper scars than ever before on the environment.

Destabilisation of the climate, mass extinctions and seas ‘drowning’ in plastic are all part of a domino effect that we need to stop. The people of WWF Greece are committed to achieving this goal.

I can’t imagine my life without the sea.

- Dimitris Karavellas, CEO of WWF Greece

Our 12,000 active supporters, along with the global WWF network of which we are an active member, give us the power to intervene on a political level to promote policies that strengthen the protection of nature. At the same time, we monitor environmental legislation to stop policies that degrade the environment. And we also submit proposals for better protection of our natural heritage and sustainable development.

Through partnerships – and always using the most reliable scientific data – we are fighting to free our country from dirty fossil fuels and transition to a new model of producing energy from clean renewable sources, while also taking care to support the local communities that will bear the burden of these changes. In tandem, we are fighting to avert new environmental and climate threats, including the plans to drill for oil.

We have a permanent presence in regions that are vital for the survival of endangered species in our country, such as the Caretta caretta turtle in Zakynthos and the rare birds of prey in Dadia, Thrace. At the same time, we are promoting the creation of new protected areas, as in the case of Gyaros, and we are protecting the precious island wetlands, working to conserve the unique marine life of the Mediterranean, focusing on cetaceans.

We work with public and private organizations, as well as with professionals in many sectors – including fisheries, tourism, catering and retail – in order to facilitate the implementation of new sustainable practices. Eliminating single-use plastics, reducing food waste and making fisheries sustainable are a few of the areas in which we are collaborating.

We develop information and awareness campaigns on important issues, such as prevention of wildfires, and at the same time we are implementing a carefully designed environmental education programme through which thousands of children gain the tools to shape the future they rightfully deserve.


Without your support, we cannot continue to defend our precious natural environment and ensure a healthy future for humanity and the planet. Join us now!