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By choosing the WWF Visa Card, you can support WWF’s actions and make a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment, at no expense!
Over the past 15 years, WWF Visa Card holders have supported dozens of environmental programmes, simply by using their cards.
They have supported:

  • citizen awareness & school community environmental training programmes,
  • actions for the preservation and protection of Sekania beach, the most important nesting beach of the Caretta caretta sea turtle in the Mediterranean,
  • the operation of the ‘Nature & Culture in Zagori’ information centre in Mikro Papigo (Small Papigo), the forest fire protection volunteer team of the N. Pindos National Park, and the creation of tools for ecotourism growth of the region,
  • scientific monitoring, recording threats, and developing proposals for the protection of rare birds of prey that use the National Park of Dadia as their last mating ground in the Balkans.

From 2001 to June 2020, Eurobank paid more than €1.7 million to WWF Greece.
For each new WWF Visa Card issued, Eurobank pays WWF Greece €3, and this amount increases to €8.8 if an application is made by a WWF Greece supporter, while for each card renewal, €1.50 is paid.
Furthermore, every time you use your card, 0.07% of the total value of your transaction is paid to WWF Greece, without any charge to you.
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