There are many ways for someone to support the work of WWF Greece and protect the nature of Greece. One of them is to connect your support to one of your activities or to challenge yourself.
Paul, a WWF Greece Major Donor since 2013, who was very sensitive to the organisation’s CYCLADES Life programme, which aims to create a model Protected Marine Area around Gyaros, decided to support us in an original way.


Drawing inspiration from his acquaintance with pioneer swimmer Lewis Pugh, Paul proposed swimming as a way to raise funds to support WWF Greece, through a Swimathon. So, in 2014 Paul and his partner Nathalie decided to swim a 15-kilometre course and that they would both convince their friends and acquaintances to offer €500 for each kilometre they covered. Lewis Pugh also participated, supporting their effort. It should be noted that this distance is equal to 300 Olympic size swimming pools and that neither of them are professional swimmers! Paul and Nathalie’s Swimathon initiative took place in the gulf of Porto Rafti, with the participation of another 25 swimmers, and raised €90,500!

If you are interested in supporting the work of WWF Greece and involving your friends and acquaintances in the effort, please contact the Loyalty Officer , Vicky Stavraka, at 210 3314893 (ext. 107) v.stavraka@wwf.gr.