Help us reduce our operating costs!

There are many cases where our operating needs are covered by donations in kind or in services by professionals or businesses that wish to contribute to our cause.
Free hosting of messages on mass media outlets, the provision of advertisement services, free document printing, and the provision of infrastructure and equipment are some of the examples of how we manage to significantly reduce our operating costs.
If you would also like to make a donation in kind or offer your services through your business or your professional capacity, please contact us.

Head of donation in kind or in services:
Tonia Arapoglou,, 2103314893

Donation in kind/services

Blue Star Ferries

Blue Star Ferries has provided a 50% discount on tickets to and from Syros, the action centre of the CYCLADES LIFE marine programme.


Entersoft provided a 50% discount on the initial cost of purchase, configuration, and installation of the organisation’s IT system (EBS).

Graal Digital Creations

The company provided free conversion services for the projection of WWF Greece’s TV spots in cinemas.


The International Centre for Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies (DIKEMES) provided a room for us to hold a seminar titled ‘THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL TRAINING FOR GEOGRAPHIC DATA SYSTEM APPLICATIONS’, on 6, 19, and 20 November 2015.


IKEA volunteered to decorate the panda shop with all necessary furniture for the month during which it operated. It also supported the ‘panda me mesa (always on board)’ festival, donating picture frames for the cartoon exhibition.

Th. Arvanitis Tone Studio

The company edited the audio of the WWF Greece TV spots.


We would like to warmly thank Knauf Plastering SA, which responded to our request for free plasterboards and additional materials. Both the willingness of Knauf’s people and the excellent collaboration with them contributed to the immediate creation of WWF Greece’s new offices, with the best possible results.

NEL Lines

The Maritime Shipping Company of Lesvos responded positively to WWF Greece’s request, covering the travel expenses of two WWF Greece researchers and one vehicle sent to record and study the major forest fire that struck Chios island on 18 August 2012.


MARS group, with pet food brands such as PEDIGREE®, ROYAL CANIN® and WHISKAS®, committed to cover the cost of feeding and providing veterinary care for KIKO, the specially trained dog/scout for poisoned bate, from 2015 to 2017. KIKO is a valuable member of the WWF team active in protecting Egyptian vultures in Evros and Rodopi.


Volunteer translation of texts on our website by students and graduates of the Metafrasi translation studies centre.


Microsoft Greece SA provided WWF Greece with free computer software licenses.


Moosend provides a 36% discount on the marketing e-mail services it provides to WWF, for sending newsletters to supporters and friends of the organisation.

Orfanos Michalis SA

Our long partnership with the Orfanos company led to the spontaneous proposal on behalf of its owners to cover the printing of various organisation documents. Since September 2008 they have been covering the printing of our magazine ‘Zontanos Planitis’ (Living Planet), as well as a large number of informational pamphlets for our fundraising department.

Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company

In the framework of the LIFE RE Vultures European Programme, which WWF is implementing with a number of partners, for the protection of rare birds of prey in Evros and Rodopi, the Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company has committed to process the animal by-products from the vulture feeders operating in Kompsatos Valley, from 2019 to 2021.

Piranha Studio

Piranha Studio produces and records our radio messages free of charge.


Praktiker supports the ‘Better Life’ programme, providing products for the competitions and festivals being organised, such as the DIY competition, the urban vegetable garden competition, and the ‘Des to allios’ (Look at it differently) and ‘epimonos kipouros stin poli’ (constant gardener in the city) reuse festival.

Sklavis Film Lab.Co

The company provided free conversion services for the projection of WWF Greece’s TV spots in cinemas.


Since 2006, Tribe has provided its services for the creation and implementation of WWF Greece’s communication needs, free of charge. Examples of the work produced by this collaboration, the ‘To klima ine sto cheri sou’ (The climate is in your hands) campaign and the campaign that followed the catastrophic 2007 wildfires.


TÜV HELLAS provided its services free of charge, certifying WWF Greece based on the 9001:2008 ISO standard for Works and Activities for the protection of the Environment and our Natural Heritage, and the Management of co-funded programmes.


In the framework of the Vodafone World of Difference programme, Vodafone is giving 10 winners the opportunity of a six-month paid position in a non-profit public benefit organisation of their choice, where they will gain experience and train in new skills. Sophia Axonidi will join the ‘WWF Kaliteri Zoi’ (Better Life) programme, supporting the implementation of the WWF Greenspaces campaign.