A unique way to honour and keep alive the memory of a loved one.
When you donate in memory of a friend, relative, or loved one, you can also send a message of life by contributing to the efforts of WWF Greece to protect nature.
Any donation, great or small, is equally important!
If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one, fill out the following form so that we can notify the family of the deceased in a letter and send you a thank you letter, along with the receipt for your donation.

For more information:
Ioanna Stratou, Database Officer 
210 3314893,


You can deposit your donation in the following WWF Greece bank accounts:
National Bank of Greece: 104/480440-64 – IBAN: GR55 0110 1040 0000 10448044064
Alpha Bank: 1010020020-21025 – IBAN: GR23 0140 1010 1010 0200 2021 025
Eurobank: 0026.0101.59.0100114688 – IBAN: GR61 0260 1010 0005 9010 0114 688