“Although I do what I can in my small household to protect the environment — I have a small organic garden, I recycle and reuse materials, I consume wisely and consciously, I save on energy — I always wanted to be able to contribute in a more active way to the protection of the planet.
I believe that hope for humanity is only possible if we respect nature and replenish what we take from it. For that reason, I am trying to reduce my “footprint” and I have trusted my land to WWF. The best thing I ever bought in my life was a piece of land. The most satisfying thing I ever did was work that land. The wisest thing I ever did was leave that land in my will to WWF”, Ruth Deighton & Giannis Sartzetakis, Benefactors of WWF Greece, Setta, Evia

The future of our planet depends on us. We all want future generations to be able to enjoy a world in which nature and humanity are in harmony.
During the 20th century, human activity has had an unprecedented impact on our fragile planet. But polluted seas and burnt forests cannot be our legacy.
Bestow a living planet to the coming generations by leaving a legacy to WWF Greece in your will. Your contribution, via your will, will help us deliver nature, our home, unharmed to our children.
This could be your legacy for generations to come.

If you are interested in supporting the work of WWF Greece by naming it in your will, contact our Loyalty Officer , Vicky Stavraka, at 210 3314893 (ext. 107)