The baptism of a child is a major life and family event. We want to create beautiful memories for your guests – as well as for your child when he or she is older. If this can be combined with a donation for a good cause, we have achieved perfection. We are here to help you by proposing a variety of alternatives. You can choose our beautiful baptism favours on the theme of threatened species, combining them with similarly themed invitations.

If you want something out of the ordinary, you can ask your guests to support a programme for adoption of threatened species – in place of gifts – or you can make a donation to WWF Greece, in place of baptism favours. In both cases, we will give you special pre-printed cards to inform your guests.

Hold your own ‘green’ baptism and send the message that we can all do something to pass on a living planet to younger generations.

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Wedding ... against a green backdrop!

Recently, I. and C., who reside abroad, contacted WWF Greece to inform us that they wanted to take the opportunity of their wedding to ask their guests to support charitable causes rather than give them traditional gifts. They were very pleased to inform us that WWF Greece was one of the three international charitable foundations they had chosen for this purpose.

If you, too, have already met the basic needs for your new home and you care about the environment you want to share with your loved ones, you can choose this innovative wedding gift. We will help you send the message to your guests and give you ideas on how to make the most beautiful moment of your lives an environmental example worthy of emulation