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past campaigns


A powerful call from one million people demanding a strong, new EU law to protect the world's forests and other ecosystems.

Say no to oil drilling

An international campaign, launched by WWF Greece, to stop oil companies from drilling in Greece. Oil exploration and drilling poses an unprecedented environmental threat with severe and irreversible impacts. The latest scientific findings and radical technological breakthroughs bring humankind closer to an oil-free future.


After much agony and upheaval, the final result of the World Climate Conference in Paris in December 2015 filled us with relief and joy! We finally have a binding global climate agreement, which even adopts a more ambitious goal of limiting the temperature rise to 1.5 οC, instead of 2 οC.

Embrace “ugly” vegetables

Millions of tons of fresh fruits and vegetables are wasted every year because they .. don’t look pretty! More than ⅓ of all food produced globally is wasted in fields, supermarkets, households and restaurants.

Strengthen the voice of nature

61,806 songs we created with sounds of nature managed to strengthen her voice and demand the necessary protection. The "Strengthen the voice of nature" campaign was completed with great success, fulfilling its goal, while ensuring the best implementation of European laws that protect nature.

Say no to Ptolemaida V

Campaign against the construction of the dirty giant: the lignite plant “Ptolemaida V”, planned by the Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) and the Greek government and with the german KfW Bank Group as the only investor.

The climate in your hands

Our first campaign to inform the Greek society about the climate crisis’s causes, effects and solutions, by raising awareness and mobilizing society.

The campaign was conducted with the kind support of Ethniki Insurance.

No more coal!

One of the most important successes in the history of the WWF. The "Alliance against Coal" managed, with the cooperation of 8 municipalities, to mobilize thousands of people in local communities. Under the weight of pressure, at the beginning of 2009 the Minister of Development put an end to the plans for 6 new proposed power plants based on polluting coal.


In 2004 WWF Greece participated in WWF's EU-wide campaign “Detox - say no chemicals” aiming at effective control and phase out of the most harmful chemicals.

Forests Forever

This campaign, which began in 1998 and ended in 2000, opened the public debate on forest fires and the root causes of them. After the mobilization of thousands of supporters of the organization, a series of realistic proposals were submitted to the competent bodies.

This campaign gave the baton to the three-year program "The Future of Our Forests" which started in 2007 as an immediate response to the catastrophic fires of that year.

Diversion of Acheloos

The decades-long battle against the diversion of the Acheloos River, in collaboration with four other environmental organizations, has borne fruit. Flag in favor of rational water management and against the pharaonic public works that see the environment only as an obstacle, our struggle has been crowned with three victories in the Council of State. As long as the issue remains open, we will be on the front line!

A beach for Caretta

The first WWF Greece campaign and one of the most successful, mobilizing thousands of WWF members across Europe. Thanks to their assistance, we succeeded in 1993 in the purchase of a large area in Sekania, Zakynthos, thus protecting the most important spawning beach of Caretta in the entire Mediterranean from the tourist leveling. Today, Sekania is the core of Zakynthos National Park: the only beach in Greece where the sea turtle can easily build its hundreds of nests.