WWF to PM Mitsotakis: Greece should not consent to the greenwashing of fossil gas and nuclear energy!

Posted on June, 02 2022

In a letter to PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis, WWF Greece’s CEO Demetres Karavellas calls on the government party to take a clear stance against the European Commission’s legislative proposal, which provides for the classification of fossil gas and nuclear energy as ‘green’ investments.

In particular, the letter calls on the Prime Minister to take a leading initiative with the MEPs of New Democracy (EPP), so that in the crucial votes on the complementary delegated act they that the recently voted national climate law that has just been passed, the Government will not be left to speak, but will give the necessary political direction for the European Parliament to reject this unacceptable legislative proposal.

The EU Taxonomy system was designed as a key tool to guide private markets towards the objectives of the European Green Deal on climate neutrality and environmental sustainability. Under pressure from the nuclear and fossil fuel lobbies and a bloc of member states led by France, the European Commission is keeping the expensive nuclear industry alive and at the same time promotes the high climate-footprint fossil gas, arguing that lower or zero greenhouse gas emissions technologies should be supported. 

If the Greek government truly aspires to be a climate champion, especially following on from the national climate law it recently championed and passed, then the votes of Nea Dimokratia MEPs should reject the delegated act. Greek MEPs must encourage all Europe to speed up the environmentally safe and socially just transition to climate neutrality.
In the next days, WWF Greece will launch the #StopFakeGreen in Greece, with the aim of informing the public about this historically unprecedented threat of rollback on EU green policies. 

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© Lukáš Lehotský / Unsplash