© Silviu Zidaru / Unsplash
fight for your world

When we started our activity in Greece 30 years ago, the planet was a different place. It was the time when humanity first joined forces to deal globally with climate change and biodiversity loss. At that time the temperature of the planet was only 0.3 degrees Celsius higher than the levels before the industrial revolution and the struggle for the protection of emblematic species, such as the brown bear or the silver pelican, had begun.

We were together in the front line to protect our natural wealth. We fought many battles, some we won but there were also defeats that hurt us.

Today we are in the vortex of a double ecological crisis: on the one hand the climate crisis and on the other the dramatic loss of nature. Within a few years, we were faced with unprecedented floods, catastrophic fires in Greece and the Mediterranean, a rapid rise in temperature and extreme weather events around the globe. Changes that threaten our way of life and our future. Suffice it to say that in the last five decades we have lost 70% of life on the planet, while in Greece alone more than 500 species are threatened with extinction.

Science is unquestionable. Now is the time to take positive, bold and ambitious action if we are to secure a habitable planet for ourselves and our children. We are the last generation that can change our course!

That's why we need you by our side now more than ever.

Looking forward to the not-so-distant 2050, we are committed to continuing our action even more resolutely and claiming a climate-stable and vibrant planet. To fight for our own life, our food, the water and the air we breathe. It is a battle for survival and we can still win it if we act now. We are the ones who decide if we will say goodbye to our world or if we will fight for it!

Join your forces now with us!

Fight for your world!