Say NO to coal!
Stop the new lignite plant in Ptolemaida, Greece.

The dirty giant

The Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) and the Greek government are planning the construction of a new dirty giant: the lignite plant “Ptolemaida V”. This anachronistic 660MWe capacity unit will cost 1.4 billion euros. The German KfW Banking Group is the only investor in this obsolete project.

Use your power today to make change a reality

Earth Hour is the biggest global campaign calling people around the world to join forces for the protection of our planet. This year, WWF Greece takes us beyond the hour for which we switch off the lights on March 29, at 20:30. By signing this petition we say No to coal; it causes serious health problems, speeds up climate change and negatively impacts Greece’s economy.

Ask the Greek Government

  • to cancel its plans for Ptolemaida V, and
  • to develop a vision for a clean and secure energy future.

Ask KfW

  • to revoke its financial contribution to Ptolemaida V, and
  • to divest from coal worldwide and support only clean energy

We are running out of time!

We need 10,000 signatures. In one month we will deliver them to the Greek Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Giannis Maniatis and to the Board of KfW.

Lignite has serious impacts:

It is economically non-viable

Who decides that the country will have to sacrifice human health and environment, for the sake of unsustainable “growth”? A recent WWF econometric study proves that Ptolemaida V will have a negative impact on the Greek economy.

There is another way…

Financing giants, one after the other, are pulling out of coal-fired power plants. Just recently, the EIB announced that Ptolemaida V is no longer on it’s investment radar.  As a result, Ptolemaida V is now left with only one investor, the German KfW Banking Group. Yet, KfW is a leader in financing investments in renewables and energy efficiency in Germany and other countries.

Couldn’t this be the case for Greece as well?


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