Policy highlights - September 2014

1.European Commission-Towards the Juncker Commission: Mission Letters (10 September 2014)

2.European Parliament-Towards a new Commission: Hearings (30 September 2014)

3.European Commission-Public opinion: Attitudes of European citizens towards the environment (September 2014)

The most acute concerns relate to pollution of both air and water, the amount of waste that is generated in the EU, and the depletion of natural resources. The impact on health of  chemicals  used  in  everyday  life  is  also  a  source  of  serious  concern.  Meanwhile, problems such as species loss and deforestation – even in places far distant from Europe – continue to be big issues for many citizens of EU Member States. …¶…The financial crisis, from which Europe appears to be slowly and partially emerging, did not  reduce  the  focus  of  European  citizens  on  environmental  issues.  In fact, using resources more efficiently for cost, as well as environmental, reasons has only become more important as a result.  …¶… To  help  address  the  environmental  problems  facing  Europe  and  the  world,  the  EU's Europe  2020  strategy  contains  critical  environmental  objectives,  as  well  as  a commitment  to  sustainability.  In particular, the strategy’s flagship initiative of engendering  a  resource-efficient  Europe  supports  a  shift  towards  a  low-carbon,  low-impact economy.


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