November 2012 editorial

As the EU strives to keep track of the crisis and Spain still holds firm in its struggle to avoid the suffocating embrace of an IMF-EC bailout programme, new measures cause another round of angry anti-austerity rallies in many parts of Europe. Yet, austerity is not only directed against the troubled states of Greece and Spain. It rather concerns all the EU and now affects policies of critical importance for the entire world, such as the EU Budget 2014-2020 (please read Sebastian Gobinot’s relevant item).


At this point, WWF Greece is proud to announce the formation of its «Crisis Observatory Team» Composed of 13 enthusiastic volunteers, primarily economists and social scientists, the team will roam all available policy news sources for environment related developments resulting from the economic crisis. Their focus will cover most of Europe, although crisis hit states such as Romania and Bulgaria remain difficult to monitor. 

We sincerely hope you find this bulletin on the environmental dimensions of the crisis interesting and useful to your work. Please share with us any information you consider “hot” and relevant. 

Theodota Nantsou (WWF Greece) and Isabella Pratesi (WWF Italy)

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