Denmark invests in green future

Denmark’s 2014 budget includes spending provisions that aim to boost green economic activity and invest in nature conservation. Environment Minister Ida Auken has announced a strategy, which she hopes will bring about a green paradigm shift. Initiatives in recycling, sustainable food and a low carbon economy will receive 800 million kroner (?107 million €).

According to a statement by the Ministry of Environment, Minister Auken stated that “[w]e need more nature and forests, which we can all benefit from. And we must support the improvement of citizens, municipalities and businesses in recycling.” In the same statement, Food Minister Karen H?kkerup stressed that: 

“[w]e work to create growth and jobs across the food sector, by making the sector more modern and environmentally conscious. For me it is important that we invest in ecology, as Denmark is constantly in front to match current and future demand for sustainably produced food.”

Denmark’s investment in a greener future was reinforced by the announcement of the national policy on energy and climate change. In the foreword to “The Danish Climate Plan: Towards a low carbon society”, it is stated that “[t]he Danish government intends to demonstrate that an ambitious climate policy can be reconciled with economic growth and good framework conditions for the business community. This is the only way that our ambitious reduction commitment will inspire others. It is also the reason that the Danish government will not impose new general tax increases on the business community.”

Sources: Den (in Danish), The Copenhagen Post, Danish Government Climate Plan

Last modified onTuesday, 11 February 2014 12:04
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