December 2012 editorial

The bitter debates and the collapse of the latest EU Summit on the 2014-2020 budget were indicative of the dire straits that Europe is going through. As European leaders are focused on avoiding further economic disarray, the financial crisis has become a convenient excuse for a continuous and unprecedented rollback in EU environmental policies. The failure to stand up for a vital global climate policy shift at the Doha COP18 is a reminder that the ripples of the economic crisis and the associated policy response are impacting the EU’s widely recognized green leadership role and are depriving the world of a much needed advocate for sustainability.


In this last CrisisWatch issue for 2012, we proudly announce that our bulletin is now available online to non-WWF audiences. Each month, will host an edited CrisisWatch version of the most current news bites in html format and all previous issues in pdf. 

We sincerely hope you find this bulletin on the environmental dimensions of the crisis interesting and useful to your work. Please share with us any information you consider “hot” and relevant. 

With our warmest wishes for 2013,

Theodota Nantsou (WWF Greece) and Isabella Pratesi (WWF Italy)

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