Barroso II Commission ranks low on environment…

The mid-term environmental assessment of the European Commission shows poor track record on important environmental fronts. The report, which was produced by the “Green 10” coalition of Europe’s largest environmental NGOs (including WWF EPO), reviews the progress of the Barrosso II Commission, which started its second term in 2010. 

 As stated in the introduction of the report, “any evaluation would not be complete without putting it in the context of the euro crisis that fully unfolded in the past two years and often dominated the agenda of the College of Commissioners. This crisis has obviously absorbed a large share of the Commission’s energy. But it is not acceptable that it has stood in the way of efforts to tackle the environmental and resource use crises. 

These twin crises need to be confronted in parallel. Both are ultimately about wasting resources we do not have. Solving these multiple crises means thinking in a long-term perspective, namely about tomorrow’s consequences of today’s actions. They therefore require profound economic as well as societal changes. Business as usual is simply not an option.” 

The outcomes of the assessment per policy area are presented below:

 Sector  Who? Score 
 EC President  José Manuel Durão Barroso “some of his strategic decisions have weakened environmental protection” 
 Agriculture Dacian Cioloş   3.5/10
 Biodiversity & Nature  Janez Potočnik  4/10
 Chemicals  John Dalli  3.5/10
 Climate change  Connie Hedegaard  5.5/10
 Cross-cutting issues  Janusz Lewandowski  4.5/10
 Energy  Günther Oettinger 4.5/10 
 Fisheries  Maria Damanaki  4.5/10
 Transparency  Maroš Šefčovič  3/10
 Transport  Siim Kallas  5/10
 Regional policy  Johannes Hahn  Proposed Cohesion Policy encourages environmental action, but lacks bite.
 Industry & entepreneurship  Antonio Tajani  “While  Tajani  has  extended  the  corporate  social  responsibility  agenda,  many  fear  that  he continues to accede to industry demands.”
 Internal market & services  Michel Barnier +: Legislation proposal on environmental & social reporting by big companies -: “Seen as defending vested interests and promoting French government positions”
Financial programming & budget   Janusz Lewandowski EU Budget – business as usual. Climate scepticism. 
 Development  Andris Piebalgs +: “Agenda for Change” with emphasis on sustainable agriculture & clean energy. -: Reduced EC capacity on environmental and natural resource issues.

 Source: WWF EPO, Green 10ENDS Europe


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