New Polish government backtracks on climate agreement

Following the national elections of October 25th, which brought to power the Law and Justice conservative and party, Poland’s President vetoed the 2012 Doha amendment to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. Earlier in 2015, President Andrej Duda had criticized the EU’s policy on emissions, stating: “I do not agree with such a policy and will say that this is a policy that is completely at odds with the strategic interests of our country”.

Until today, energy has been the political responsibility of the Ministry of Economy. The Law and Justice party has stated its intention to establish a separate ministry for energy, which will almost certainly be led by pro-coal politician Piotr Naimski. Earlier in 2015, Naimski had stated that Poland should aim for a failure of the upcoming UN’s 21st Council of Parties (COP21) on climate change, which will convene in Paris in December: “Any binding stance that would be accepted at the conference in Paris will be harmful to Poland, so a failure of the summit is in Poland's interest”.

According to a recent report published by WWF, Poland’s coal industry is in serious financial troubles. In response to the Polish coal industry’s crisis, the Treasury Ministry set up a special fund, endowed with assets worth 6 billion zlotys (approx. €1.4 billion), dedicated to subsidising state-owned coal mines.

Read more: EnergyPost, Reuters, WWF’ report on global coal.

Last modified onSunday, 01 November 2015 20:15
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