80% of Europeans are seriously concerned about biodiversity loss

Notwithstanding the financial crisis and the shift of the political agenda towards economic issues, the vast majority of EU citizens consider biodiversity loss and its effects to be serious, whereas more than half state that they expect to be personally affected. Humanity has a responsibility to care for nature and to halt biodiversity loss, according to 76% of Europeans, while 93% state that the European Union should better inform society about nature.

These are some of the remarkable findings of the Special Eurobarometer 436 “Attitudes of Europeans towards biodiversity” survey, which was published in October.

The economic impacts of nature loss are also perceived as important: according to the report, “[a]t least half totally agree that biodiversity and nature are important for long-term economic development (56%), and that biodiversity is indispensable for the production of goods such as food, fuel and medicine (53%).”

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Last modified onSunday, 01 November 2015 23:09
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